Monday, 8 April 2013

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray

For a girl who suffers from lifeless, fine hair, I love discovering new potential products, that will somewhat transform my hair, without getting a much needed cut and colour. As a student, my budget just simply can't stretch the £100 mark to visit the salon every couple of months, so I do try to keep my hair in as good condition, as I can. I refrain from using any heat, as much as I can, and treat my hair to oils and masks, as they need it.

I have tried a variety of hair oils and products, but one that really has stood out to me, is Macadamia. I am an avid lover of the Healing Oil Treatment and will happily use it before blow drying, to keep my hair looking sleek and as in the best condition possible. I find as I had such fine hair, any product can weigh down my hair. What I do find with Macadamia, is I can be heavy handed, without disastrous results. As I have sadly been running out, I opted for a different product from the line, in the form of the Healing Oil Spray, which is essentially the same, just a looser formulation, which is able to pass through the spray bottle. 

I like to spritz this through my ends, and up to my ears - no further up, as this will just weigh down my hair. I briefly run my hands through, to distribute the product. The best thing about this product, is it is a fine mist of a spray, so you don't have to worry about going to wild with the spritzer!
Photograph of Macadamia Hair Oil
I find after using this or the Healing Oil Treatment, my hair is definitely a lot more manageable. Without blow drying my hair and using no product, I will have a curly/wavy/frizzy mess. When blow drying with this product, it just seems to soak up and create a sleek outcome. It's so good! Even using this on my wet hair, as it naturally dries, will enhance my waves/curls, which is so nice, as they normally would just turn into a big poof!

You can pick this up for £12.65 at Feel Unique.

Have you tried this product?
What is your favourite Macadamia product?



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