Monday, 22 April 2013

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan Lotion

As the warmer weather is slowly creeping in, note the word slowly, I decided to take up Superdrug's offer, which is the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan Lotion, half price! As a girl who has pasty pale skin, and embraces it throughout the year, I decided to pick it up on offer and give it a trial run, before summer officially hits us. 

I am by no means a tan girl, I have never gone on a sun bed, never had a spray tan and never used a full on self tanner. The most I have ever done, was take influence from my older sister in my teens and try a gradual tanner. It may even be this very product! I thought this would be the best route to go down and to trial on my  pasty legs. If it all goes wrong, I never whip my legs out anyway!

This product is heavily scented with apricot, as well as advertised. I think this does help through out the application and developing process, as self tanning is known to smell a little off. I do completely agree with tan smelling like biscuits! I apply this with my bare hands, no gloves or mitts, and just massage it into my skin, like I would with a normal moisturiser. This is the best thing I like about a gradual tan - there is no fussing about. You aren't doing anything out of the ordinary to your normal routine. I would say this leaves a slightly damp residue. I wouldn't say sticky, but you are just aware it is there. Make sense? I have applied mine a few hours ago and my legs feel soft and moisturised, no longer tacky. Saying that, I wouldn't say its too much of a problem. With all self tanning products, you are bound to come across an annoyance, whether it is the scent, the development, etc.
Speaking of development, I have had a few trial runs with applying the product. I first applied this 4 nights in a row, before ultimately forgetting and wanting a night free of maintenance! I always apply any body product at night, so it has hours to soak in, as I relax/sleep. The same goes with the tan. I like to apply this and then chill out for half an hour (lets be honest, its for the rest of the night!), and let it soak in, without me disturbing the product, before it sinks in and starts to develop. After 3-4 days, you will see a warmer tone to your skin,  or at least I did with mine. I didn't want to go too dark or potentially orange, so after 4 days of continuous applications, I took a day or 2 rest and then began applying again. If I do brave myself to apply to the rest of my body, I will apply it for 3-4 days and then take a break. Then apply every other day.

As I have only applied to my legs, I don't know how the 'white hands' scenario will be dealt with. One issue I had the other day, is I did apply the product after a few days off with my bare hands, and didn't wash them afterwards. I just thought the first application wouldn't have a great deal of tan included, so my hands wouldn't be affected. I did sport the 'orange web fingers' for a day or two, so I do recommend washing your hands after using this. If anyone has any recommendations about keeping your hands and arms one even colour, without washing away, please let me know!

Ultimately, I think this is a great product. I am a pale girl, and I do smother myself in sun protection in the summer, so I would like to assure you, the colour pay off is subtle, and not like an instant orange tan. I naturally chose Light Sun-Kissed Look formula, which does exactly what it says on the bottle!

This is currently on offer at Superdrug, for 1/2 price at £2.54. I am already thinking of picking up another bottle!

Are you a fan of gradual tanning? Do you have a favourite or any tips?



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