Sunday, 9 December 2012

Winter Ice Inspired Nails!

A quick little nail post. I haven't done one of these in a while, purely because I am enjoying a block, dark colour for Winter. However, I thought I would break out of that little rut, for a pop of an appropriate colour for this current season.

I originally decided on just painting my nails with Barry M's Foil Nail Effects in Silver, before remembering the last nail look I created with this; the fishtail look. I remembered that the Bourjois blue works really well in conjunction this this colour, as you can still see the silver beneath the blue. An almost jelly finish.
To create this look, I used Barry M Instant Nail Effects Foil in Silver for my base block colour. Alone, this creates a really effective nail look, although I wanted to add a festive twist, I added Bourjois 29 Cocktail A Barcelona, which is quite a sheer aqua blue. As its so sheer, it creates a jelly finish, with the silver base peeping through. I applied the colour to just the tips, to add an icy definition.

Have you painted your nails with a festive or seasonal twist yet?
What do you think?



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