Saturday, 8 December 2012

Current Empties #5!

Its been a while since I have posted an empties post, purely because I have succeeded in my mission to use all up the products that have been gifted to me over the past year or so, that were in desperate need to be used up. The latest products I have used up, are ones that I use regularly and daily, as well as some body products that I seem to take forever and a day to use up!

Johnsons Baby Wipes
Some point through the last month or so, I found I had just used my last make up wipe the night before, so I had to send out the other half to pop round to our local Boots Pharmacy, in the hope they would have some. Naturally, I thought they would. Instead, he returned with a huge pack of baby wipes. Better than nothing, I thought. These did the job really well. Removing my make up gently, as well as mascara!

 No7 Beautiful Skin  Quick Thinking Wipes
I have had this empty packet sitting in my empties box (which consists of a old cardboard Glossybox packaging), since those  No7 £5 off vouchers were floating around. These do the job lovely, but I couldn't justify the £7 price tag. Packaging is really good, especially for travelling, with a secure opening.

No7 Beautifully Balanced Purifying Toner Oily/Combination
This is something I have been using for a long time, I mean months, maybe almost a year! This has lasted me that long, using it pretty much daily. A pump or two on a cotton pad, swiped across the face, is so refreshing, whilst removing the remains of any make up or products.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
I was quite sad to see this go. This little sample I picked up free in a magazine at some point a few month ago, as did the rest of the blogosphere! This is really light and refreshing around the eyes. Did it do anything amazing? I don't really know. I think eye creams are a really personal thing. Depending on your age, skin type, the product itself. Either way, I would repurchase this.

Soap and Glory Night In Shining Armour Cream
This lasted me since Boots had that deal on months ago; spend over £10 to receive a free bottle of shower cream? I really wanted to take advantage of the offer, and needed a night cream. Perfect timing! I'm sad to see this go, also. This came in a really sturdy, heavy glass jar, which made it feel expensive and luxurious!

Nivea Pearl and Beauty Deodrant 
Lets get the boring one out of the way. I thought this was worth a quick mention. This is a balmy, waxy kind of deodorant. I don't even know what to call it. Quite like a soap. Kept my underarms stink free. Thumbs up! I would definitely repurchase! Also lasted me months!

Soap and Glory Scrum 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff
This is my most favourite body scrub by Soap and Glory, from what I have tried so far! Its so sugary textured, and moisturising. I really want to try their Breakfast Scrub!

Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Cream
My last review of this wasn't a particularly positive one. Only because the last one didn't foam, lather, anything! This one in fact, did! I'm in love with this silky smooth product.

Soap and Glory The Scrub Of Your Life Body Scrub
I enjoyed this softer approach to a body scrub. More of a body wash, PACKED full of beads and scrubbing particles. Lovely product to use!

Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter 
Already have a back up ready to use. Need I say more? Every girl an their mother had at least heard of this. 

Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter
I really did like using this. This is aimed at more dry skin, so I preferred to use this on my legs or wherever I had some stubborn dry skin. This cold weather and central heating has been playing havoc with my skin!

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter
Yum! I actually received this from my little sister last Christmas. So gorgeous! Even my other half can tell when I have used this. So sweet smelling. I love how The Body Shop can always get scents spot on! I have a Strawberry Body Lotion on hand now.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
This is such a delicate smelling product. Ideal for when I wanted to be butterly moisturised, but nothing too heavily scented. 

L'Oreal Elvive Noursish & Shimmer Hair Masque
I bought this last time I got my hair dyed. I always like to pick something up for my freshly died hair, in the hope it prolongs the colour life of my hair. I really liked to use this. I generously slathered it through my hair, which left it soft and manageable.

Pantene PRO-V Aqualight for Fine Hair Shampoo
This did leave my hair feeling light and airy, or at least as much as a product could. I wash my hair daily, so this was a nice and refreshing product to use, with a clean and fresh scent.

Pantene PRO-V Aqualight for Fine Hair Conditioner

After tackling my fine hair issues, I thought this would be a good product to use. I always have to be carefully to apply any product, apart from shampoo, to just below my ears, to prevent any unnecessary weight dragging my hair down. This did a great job!

That is the end of my current empties. I think this will be the last of my empties posts for a little while, as I don't have anything to quickly use up, apart from the necessities that I use up regularly.



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